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Our Team

To reach any of our staff, please copy and paste the email address into the address line of your email, or call 207-864-5644 (Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply) or 207-864-5688 (Welcome Home Furniture and Accessories). We look forward to hearing from you.


Gary Patnode - Owner/President – Gary@rlbs.info

Jackie Patnode
- Owner/Treasurer – Jackie@rlbs.info

Adam MacFawn
- Owner/Vice President – Adam@rlbs.info

Virginia Patnode MacFawn
- Owner/General Manager – Virginia@rlbs.info


Dene Stevens - Inside Sales/Paint Expert/Store Manager – Dene@rlbs.info

Marlene Knowles – Inside Sales – Marlene@rlbs.info

Mike Frost – Inside Sales – Mike@rlbs.info

Les Hoekstra – Inside Sales

Ellie Brooks Inside Sales Ellie@rlbs.info

Joe Poole – Contractor Sales – Joe@rlbs.info

Kitchens, Baths and Flooring:

Kendall Bean – Kitchen/Bath/Flooring Design and Sales – Kendall@rlbs.info

Pam Nobbs Kitchen/Bath/Flooring Design and Sales Pam@rlbs.info

Welcome Home Furniture and Accessories:

Lindsay Kennett – Design and Sales – Lindsay@rlbs.info


Ashley Quimby - Accounts Receivable – Ashley@rlbs.info

Bobby Stewart - Accounts Payable – Bobby@rlbs.info


Patrick O’Neil - Driver, Warehouse

Travis Viles - Driver, Warehouse

John Parker - Driver, Warehouse

Ryan Allen - Driver, Warehouse